Copy of Wash, Proof and Repairs test

BCT Outdoors have developed a maintenance service for canvas and PVC tents and marquees.

This service has been jointly developed with one of Europe’s leading commercial laundry experts. We have been able to establish our unique process by working directly with their scientific experts in this field.


We understand that prolonged use of a tent during a season will expose your investment to mildew, UV penetration, mould and woodland spores. It is our intention to prolong the life span of your investment at a cost effective price.

We Wash. We Dry. We Proof. We Deliver.

BCT Tent Wash

We have 3 different cycles and detergent mixtures at our disposal.

Dependant on the level of stain or spoil, we will directly communicate which we believe is most suited to the textile.

BCT Tent Dry

The waterproofing solution needs a 40c part of the drying process to activate it.

Our intelligent drying machine will analyse the optimum drying time required.

BCT Tent Repair

We have been manufacturing tents in the UK for over 100 years.

Our unique ability and understanding of tent manufacturing transfer in the repair of textiles and its application.

BCT Tent Reproof

The canvas is fully rinsed after the washing cycle.

We then set the second cycle we introduce the industry leading waterproof solution that impregnates the textile.

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