Mess Tent Jamboree

BCT Outdoors Jamboree Marquee tent UK Made
Mess Tent Jamboree
Mess Tent Jamboree
Mess Tent Jamboree
Mess Tent Jamboree
Mess Tent Jamboree
BCT Outdoors Jamboree Mess Tent
Mess Tent Jamboree
Mess Tent Jamboree
Mess Tent Jamboree
Mess Tent Jamboree
Mess Tent Jamboree
Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 1BCT Outdoors Jamboree Marquee tent UK Made
Product image 2Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 3Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 4Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 5Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 6Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 7BCT Outdoors Jamboree Mess Tent
Product image 8Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 9Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 10Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 11Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 12Mess Tent Jamboree
Product image 13Mess Tent Jamboree

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Mess tents have been around for many years with very little or no change in design. In 2012 BCT gave the Jamboree a complete makeover to establish the Jamboree as probably the worlds most versatile Mess Tent.


The sizes are ideal for most groups, they are easy to put up, fits nicely into a car, has good accommodation, an all round versatile tent. We have now made it more versatile with a removable front and back panel, removable centre legs, zip open sides. The overall dimensions remain unchanged and is still available in 3 different sizes. 100% Cotton 393gms ( 12oz ) for both roof and walls. Fire proofed, water proofed and mildew proofed. The ideal tent for the group, ideal for accommodation, village fetes, church events a good all round fundraiser.

All 3 sizes have both removable and relocatable back and front panel. The panels will split up the centre with the separable zip. The panels simply clip to the frame.

The zip in the centre of the front and back panel allows the panel to be slit into 2 sections so they can be relocated in a staggered formation if required.

The standard and medium size Jamboree Mess Tent have a ventilation window in each side with a roll down weather cover. The large size Jamboree Mess Tent has 2 windows in either side.

The standard and medium size Jamboree Mess Tent have 2 zips in each side to enable the sides to be rolled up, these are then held up in place by tapes and rings. The large Jamboree Mess Tent has 3 zips in either side to form a double or single opening. The side leg in the centre of the opening can be removed to form a totally unobstructed opening.

All Jamboree Mess Tents are supplied with centre legs, as these tents have a more rigid frame these legs can be removed or replaced very simply. Should you need a completely unobstructed open plan structure simply remove the push fit leg. The leg hanger is then held up to the roof rafter pole by the rubber and hook provided. Should the weather turn inclement simply put the poles back in.

All the Jamboree Mess Tents manufactured to our usual high standard with strong pegging points and guy points.

The Jamboree Mess Tent is manufactured from our high specification 100% cotton canvas for both roof and walls. The canvas is 393gsm ( 12oz ), the canvas is natural in colour, fire proofed to BS7837(1996). Rot and mildew proofed and water proofed. All the seams are double stitched and the tents have a double reinforcement where the roof rafters are located.

The Jamboree Mess Tent frame is manufactured from 28mm steel tube for both straight poles and angles. The tube wall thickness is increased to give this frame its extra rigidity. The frame is plated to maintain a rust free finish. The roof poles, legs and angles are packed in 3 separate strong, breathable bags they can each easily be carried by one person.

The Jamboree Mess Tent comes complete with main guy ropes and hardwood pegs.

The tent outer cover is packed in a strong, breathable valise.
When totally closed the Jamboree Mess Tent will keep out the worst of British weather.

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